Thursday, May 18, 2006

Emily the Diva

So last night was a resounding success. Despite a few last minute changes, the school fashion show went off without a hitch and everybody had a blast. The kids enjoyed it, the teachers enjoyed it and the spectators have been extremely complimentary. I got a few cheers. Now I'm on a mission to find some pictures.

It was just so much fun. I see why the girls on America's Next Top Model always talk about how exhilirating the runway walk is. It really was. I didn't even see the people, really. I just saw the cameras in front of me and blurry figures off to the side. Then I went off and ate sandwiches and cookies and brownies about which my trainer must never know.

They're having another fashion show in December, and next year they're going to try to custom make the clothes for each model from day one. I am so there.


  1. The principal just told me that several boys from other schools who went last night were asking how they could get into our school, presumably because we had hot teachers walking the runway...

  2. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Speaking of Top Model, I'm so glad Danielle won!!

    Who were you rooting for?

  3. Honestly I liked Furonda because she was such an underdog, but I'm just glad Jade didn't win. What a whacko.


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