Monday, May 08, 2006

How I spent my summer vacation

I teach at a year-round school with three tracks. Two tracks are always on while the third is off. So you spend sixteen weeks on and eight weeks off. Unless you came late to the party. Even though I now have five years of experience as a teacher, I am new to the district, and since I came in after the school year started, I'm behind even first-year teachers in seniority.

A Track ends in seven weeks. C Track begins the next school day. Savvy teachers realized that if they are on C Track, they can pick up an extra-long summer vacation by switching to A Track. That means soem poor sap with no seniority has to trade with them, and this time that sap would be me. In order to give somebody a long summer, I will now have none. That's 32 straight weeks of teaching until I finally get a vacation some time in October. Then I'll probably be coming in all the time anyway since I'm teaching yearbook, and I may also do some SAT prep.

So next time somebody goes on about how much time we teachers get of vacation, please think of me and my summer days spent in a teenager-filled classroom with no view of the sky.

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