Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The weather in the classroom

One of the problems with a building full of large rooms with tall ceilings and filled mostly with desks is the complete inability to control the temperature. It' like that Office episode where everybody fights over the thermostat, except nobody has any control so all we do is bitch. At my old school it was a constant tug of war. It would be 89 degrees one day, so people would complain. The next day, it would be 30 degrees. So people would complain, and it would go back to 89. During the summer, they actually turned up the heat in some bizarre effort to stave off mold, so the humidity would knock all the posters off the walls and melt any papers you were dumb enough to leave out of a vacuum-sealed pouch.

Here it's a little more managable, but still a problem. None of the rooms are especially hot, but a few are arctic temperatures. One down the hall is a good five degrees colder than any other room in the school. Why? I don't know. It's just a random pocket of frozen.

Today my room is colder than usual. I started out the day wearing a cute little skirt and collared shirt. I was pretty sure I'd end up frozen like Brendan Frasier by the end of the day, and was lamenting the fact that I had no pants, when I remembered my gym bag. So I'm now wearing a black collared shirt with blue sweat pants and sandals. So far nobody's said anything, but I know I look a little weird. At least I won't be cold.

That's the beauty of LAUSD. I could come to school in a halter top and as mini skirt if I wanted to, but the kids still have to wear uniforms.

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