Thursday, January 25, 2007

Factoids galore

I don't know if this counts as a meme, but Alligators in a Helicopter and Borderline Inappropriate just did this whole "50 things you don't know about me" thing. Even though I have eight million things to do today, I'm gonna squeeze in my own list.

50 Things You Don't Know About Me:

1) Blake is my middle name, not my last name.
2) I have never cheated on anybody in my life.
3) My cat weighs 18 pounds because he's ridiculously tall and muscular. Like a wrestler.
4) He's also a big old wussy.
5) I once played flute and sang in a rock band called "One Strange Thing".
6) I was fired from my job as head copy editor at the college paper because I cussed out my editor.
7) I was rehired the next year as arts and entertainment editor when one of my friends took over.
8) I was a strawberry seller in my middle school's production of Oliver.
9) I tried out for cheerleading once.
10) I'm almost fluent in French.
11) Ham and pineapple is my favorite pizza.
12) I don't like coffee, tea, diet soda or milk.
13) I wore the same dress to both my proms.
14) I've been to Venezuela, Granada, Curacao, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.
15) I've never been to Mexico or Canada.
16) I've seen the 1996 Romeo and Juliet well over two dozen times.
17) I think Peter Sarsgaard is the bee's knees.
18) My first boyfriend and I never actually kissed.
19) I'm a Duke basketball fan.
20) I can catch but not throw.
21) I can spell "onomatopoeia" without having to look it up.
22) I cried at the end of Liar Liar.
23) 80% of my wardrobe is from The Gap.
24) I fell asleep during Apocalypse Now and never finished it.
25) I will stand in line at midnight when the new Harry Potter book comes out.
26) I have big feet.
27) I don't like horror movies.
28) My niece is 8 years old.
29) I give nicknames to all the trainers at the gym. My trainer's nickname: Hotness.
30) Joseph Conrad makes me nauseous.
31) I cook really good pasta.
32) My grandmother is British. And hysterical.
33) I hardly ever wear makeup.
34) The only show my parents let me watch as a child was Twin Peaks. I have no idea what was wrong with them.
35) My favorite song is "Emmaline" by Ben Folds Five.
36) I think Friends was a much funnier show than Seinfeld.
37) I bought my couch at Ikea.
38) I wore a pair of Jams obsessively in high school. In the '90s.
39) My first year of college I wore my hair in two ponytails every day.
40) I've seen Pearl Jam in concert three times.
41) I don't eat enough toasted brie and tomato baguettes.
42) I wrote my first short story in the first grade. It was choppy.
43) I broke my middle finger in Kindergarten. I got in trouble for showing people.
44) I have yet to take down my Christmas decorations.
45) I've never owned a car that wasn't a Jeep.
46) I hate shoes.
47) I own an unused $1,400 wedding dress.
48) Dr. Pepper and a turkey sandwich is my cure for a hangover.
49) I can fully function on three hours of sleep, but I prefer not to.
50) I have two tattoos and a navel piercing.


  1. Somewhere on that list should be this fact: People like to break into my car and steal the garage opener. I am moving as soon as reasonably possible.

    Or maybe you should put the garage opener on your key ring (but don't leave it in the car).

    Interesting facts on your list.

  2. Nice to know some things I didn't know. But you still owe us two because numbers 3 and 4 are about your cat. I'm picky that way. (hmm... something you didn't know about me).


  3. Alan, technically you already know that about me so it doesn't count.

    Okay, smarty pants. If I reworded those they would be about me, but whatever makes you happy. I live to please.

    Blue is my favorite color. I can say "I love you" in eight different languages.

    There. Satisfied?

  4. Satisfied, yes. (another thing about me...i'm easily satisfied)


  5. You had me at navel piercing.

  6. 22) I cried at the end of Liar Liar.

    I can understand. I almost had tears at the end (at the airport) of that movie too.

  7. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I love these, I need to do one...

    "16) I've seen the 1996 Romeo and Juliet well over two dozen times."

    What did you think of the modernized Hamlet and Othello? A new version of The Bard is actually one of my Ideas in my Ideas Book. Which of his would you re-do (you can whisper it to me in email if you don't want anyone to know)

  8. I haven't seen the Hamlet. Not a big fan of that Othello, but I do love the Midsummer Night's Dream with Kevin Klein.

    I've seen R&J so many times because I show it every semester. I still cry at the end.

    If I could adapt any of his plays, it would probably be Macbeth.


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