Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here's to the Bonitas

Today is yearbook day, so I've been insanely busy.

They have gone over like sopas at a border crossing.

In other words, good.

There are some mistakes of course, but given what we had to go through I'm completely proud of my kids. People did not expect them to look this good. I think we'll sell out.

I took my top staff members out to lunch to reward them for their hard work. I snuck them out through the parking garage since I didn't have a field trip permission form, then we walked down the street to King Taco - their choice - where we got food and chatted about all the chisme we knew.

On the way back we got a lot of attention. It was me, five teenage girls and one very tolerant boy. All the guys driving by either honked at us or hollered. My favorite was the guy on the bike who swerved around us and yelled, "Chiquitas bonitas!"

The kids were especially tickled because my nickname at school is "Ms. Chiquita," for reasons I won't go into here. It's nothing sinister.

We should be a reggaeton group: Ms. Chiquita and the Bonitas. From now on, that's how I'm addressing my staff, except maybe the very tolerant boy.

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