Saturday, June 02, 2007

The things we do for our art

Lead Actor does not like Carrots. I'm already making him snort BC Headache Powder or Vitamin D or Sweet Tarts up his nose, so he's not overly fond of the prospect of munching on a bag of baby carrots for as many takes as it requires to get the shot. He's also combining the taste of delicious carroty goodness with the flavor of beer, which is part of the joke. The character is really excited about carrots.

So the other day, after Lead Actor didn't show for our meeting two days in a row, we finally met to discuss the script. After I lectured him on responsibility and we established that he is indeed committed to this and will never blow me off again, we got to working on Game Night. His first suggestion was to find a way around the carrot issue.

Can't he eat a popsicle? Lead Actor asked. A popsicle is a more normal thing for someone to get excited about.

And that's exactly why it has to be carrots. Who the hell gets worked up over carrots? It's quirky and unexpected. A popsicle would just be a prop, but carrots are a comedy bit. Plus if he chows down while he talks we can make carrot bits come flying out of his mouth. More funny. I suppose we could make popsicle juice drip out, but that makes him look more mentally challenged instead of crazy coke head.

You just don't want to eat the carrots, I said.

He reassured me that he'd do whatever it takes to make this thing successful, even if it meant snorting Pixie Sticks and eating a whole bushel of carrots. And showing up in places he says he will be.

But he's satisfied because he knows he's doing it for a reason.

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