Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You work. I'll sleep.

Partner didn't sleep much last night.

I emailed Writing Partner: We need to finish the first draft of the script so I can upload it for the writers group to read in time for next week's meeting.

He called in a panic: It's not going to be ready!

I was all cool and collected and like, oh sure it will be fine. Just let me finish this thing and then we'll... Oh crap, it's not going to be ready!

I got a little frustrated because one of the scenes I was scheduled to write involved two male roommates confronting the other one about rent while his brother is in the room. So that's four boys in a room in the middle of a confrontation.

Now I'm pretty masculine for a girl and I've spent a lot of time being "one of the guys" but I have no brothers and I don't actually have a penis, so this scene was really driving me nuts. Partner looked at it and said it was fine but I didn't like it. I threw up my hands and made him fix it.

I heard the clackity-clack of his fingers on the keys of his computer as I lay in bead lamenting my frustration with the scene. It was 2 am his time and he was wide awake.

Then he read me what he had changed. It turns out, it wasn't the penises that was the problem, it was one penis who, quite frankly, was not behaving enough like a penis.

One change in a physical position between two characters and suddenly everything opened up. And all I had to do was mumble my agreement as I snuggled up in my pajamas.

So now the chapters are all put together and we're spending today doing one last pass over the whole thing, fixing a few chronology issues and putting a harder edge on one of our characters who needs to act more like a penis.

I get to feel proud for a whole week until we send it to the writers group and start all over when they rip it apart. Yay.

I love Partner.

And I can't wait to see how many people google this post looking for porn.

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  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Okay, I get the point of your post, but try and work some boobs in next time, huh?


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