Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fodder for the Soup

I wish I was a writer for The Soup. As you may know, I'm on vacation. So I've spent the past couple of days sitting on my couch reading, writing and watching TV.

Today I watched Bravo all day, mostly Million Dollar Listing since there was a marathon of it today.

The show follows these three guys as they sell expensive homes to rich people around the LA area. Like right now I'm watching this 19-year-old kid who goes to Pepperdine who has convinced his dad to give him 1.5 million dollars to buy a house so he doesn't have to languish in the dorms anymore but apparently that's not enough money for this kid. How can you ever relate to people in the rest of the world when you moved out of the dorm and into a house in Malibu?

Meanwhile there's this dude named Chad who puts a bottle of hairspray on his bowl cut and spends $600 on shoes that look like they came from Payless.

I know I'm not really a punch line writer, but I can make snide comments about rich people. I spent many of my nights as a teenager watching MST3K and building my own snark skills. I can't imagine much more fun than sitting around watching TV all day and making fun of it.

I love you, Joel McHale. And I love your dog. And I'm adorable. Gimme a job.


  1. I am the only straight man I know who watches 'The Soup'. It is hilarious.
    But that freakin' bowl cut. God! I can't even imagine living like that.

  2. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Make that one straight man you know, and one straight man you don't know who watches "The Soup," vanilla chunk.

    Every time I watch "America's Got Talent," I always spot some stupid moments and say to myself, "I hope someone at 'The Soup' caught that."

    Joel McHale and his band of...whatevers, got it right when Joel flicked the lighter after Chad had used up the shallow world's supply of hairspray. Oh, what one can dream about.


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