Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thoughts on the show: The Mentalist

If Sean from Psych got older, confessed he wasn't a psychic, stopped cracking jokes, made ridiculous leaps in logic based on really obvious clues, and started being all pensive and put himself in situations where everybody was really predictable and melodramatic, he would be the star of The Mentalist.


  1. haha, i watched it last night too, but only because Simon Baker is SO DAMN handsome and i don't even like pretty boys. well i'm still gonna tune in next week though. if it's really bad then i won't watch it anymore.

  2. I missed it, but had duties to the family at the hospital. Maybe I'll catch an episode eventually. Previews looked interesting, like a modernized Sherlock Holmes.

  3. Simon Baker = YUM. Nuff said.


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