Monday, September 29, 2008

Moments Before

The past couple of weekends I've been witnessing a crew film a web series starring The Beefcake called Moments Before.

This is my favorite. The Long Weight:

There's also two that were shot earlier. A Plate Too Far:

and Remote Destiny:

There are several more to come. I find them hilarious and they're only at most a minute long.


  1. on second viewing:
    the plate one = better than most stuff on Comedy Central

    the remote one = uh...everybody loses the remote once in a while.

    My mind reels at the thought that Beefcake has access to that specific music.

    aren't you somewhere down south? If you're in town, let's all share a meal; we'll work around Beefcake's schedule.

  2. I'm going out of town in a couple of days but we can probably schedule something when I get back.

    And there are more of those videos to come. Wait until you see the sandwich one. That one is spectacular.


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