Friday, December 12, 2008

Reading Material

The Black List is out. Last year's list included World War Z, The Wackness, and Burn After Reading so it will be fun to see what rises from the pack this time around. I think I'll be spending a large portion of my winter break reading some of these, starting with Once Upon a Time in Hell.

Why that film first? Because it has an awesome title. You just know with a title like that this film will be gritty and dark and violent.

Other good titles on the list include Fuck Buddies, I'm With Cancer, A Couple of Dicks, Gay Dude, The F Word, and Your Dreams Suck.

Each of those scripts sounds like it has heaping piles of personality. I see that title on a script in my pile, I'm reaching for it first. They all sound dark and cynical, but possibly very funny.

Freshly Popped makes me think of zits so I'm going to assume it's a teen comedy.

How to Be Good is a novel by Nick Hornby, who also wrote High Fidelity. It was too dark and depressing even for me, so I'll be curious to see what they do with it in script form.

There are a few scripts on the list that seem pretty easy to figure out based on title: Samurai, Sherlock Holmes, 'Til Beth Do Us Part.

And dudes, I cannot wait to read the The Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis Project. You put a title like that on your script, it will be jumping off the slush pile. It also helps that it has a picture of those two dudes on the cover, even though you are never, ever supposed to do that. I think this is a definite exception.

I'll begin reading this weekend. And I'm gonna keep on reading until I've gone through my favorite titles. Then I'll report on my findings.


  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I have them all but one... ugh... I need to weed

  2. can't wait to read Once Upon a Time in Hell... but I'm finishing up Tonight He Comes based on your overwhelming praise.

  3. Anonymous2:30 PM

    How do you go about reading these scripts?

  4. Usually I read them on the computer because printing them all out would be a lot of paper.

  5. Where would one find these scripts to read?

  6. I need to find these damn things. Any suggestions?

  7. Usually you get them from other people, but who the hell knows where they got them from.


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