Thursday, April 02, 2009

Crappy people on TV

This morning as I ate my Bojangles biscuit I defrosted from when my mom brought me a bunch of biscuits because for some insane reason there is no Bojangles in California, I flipped through channels to watch some mindless piece of crap TV. Usually I start off the day reading for an hour, then I eat something and watch stupid TV, then I get to work.

I've already seen all the Bridezillas and Real Housewives of New York City, so I landed on I Love Money.

For people who are borderline retarded and have names like "It" and "The Entertainer" this is a damn complicated game. They do challenges or something, then they vote to put people in the box, then one dude sends some box person home. I really don't know what the fuck is going on except that nobody in the house understands the vocabulary words they are using while they strategerize.

These shows all feature really horrible people. Just horrible. Like on Bridezillas, why the fuck do these people get married? Why would you marry some woman who just called you a lazy fuck in front of your entire bridal party and beat you over the head with the planning book or something? I don't get it.

All I know after watching this much television about horrible real life people is that I'm gonna go watch some Merchant Ivory feel-good movie now. I need to believe in humanity again. I think from now on in the morning while I eat my remaining Bojangles biscuits I am going to start watching How Clean is Your House or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. You know, stuff that features an improvement on the human race.


  1. lol, I hate those people on Bridezillas, too. They make me want to stab someone with a fork.

  2. No Bojangles, but there is a Popeye's.

  3. Soooo not even close to being the same.

  4. Bill, Popeye's chicken is good, but Emily is correct, no comparison. I had two this morning (country-ham biscuits are 2 for $2 and change).

    You both need to go to Uncle Lou's in Memphis...honey-dipped biscuits, which are actually honey-soaked, more like candy than a biscuit.

  5. Stop it, Thomas. You're going to make me cry, dammit.

  6. I would feel bad, Emily, but you have access to The House of Pies. French Blackbottom, mmmm. Or their banana cream.

    Damn, I need to check Priceline.


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