Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love a good challenge

Tomorrow at 5pm Creative Screenwriting will send out the prompt for this year's CS Open. It's too late to register if you haven't already, but if you have, they give you from 5pm Friday to 9am Monday. All times are Pacific.

This is great. I love challenges. I just don't love the extra challenge I have created for myself.

Beefcake and I were supposed to go house hunting tomorrow. There is one house in particular that - unless we see something horribly wrong with it - I already know I want. Since the prompt doesn't come in until 5 I figured this would be okay. We'd spend the afternoon looking at houses, then I could get the prompt and spend the night thinking about it, then have two days to write.

Then the Beefcake got vacation approved and suggested we drive to Montana to visit relatives. I've never been to Montana. I'm down. But we'd have to leave Sunday and we may not have Internet there. We may not have indoor plumbing there. I'm bracing myself for a middle-of-nowhere type experience unlike any I have known before.

Anyhow, that leaves me Friday night to plan my scene and Saturday to write it. Saturday mornings I join the Beefcake at his park workout and Saturday night we have an event to attend, so I've got about 6 hours to write the scene.

Except a few minutes ago my realtor texted that something came up and can we move the house hunt to Saturday?

Of all the fucking weekends.

Anyway, I'll have about 3 hours total to actually sit down and write my scene.

Of course, if we decide to make an offer on a house we may have to wait until Monday to leave for Montana, so that might end up buying me some time. But as of right now, while everybody else gets a weekend I've given myself hours.

Fuck it. Mama needs a new pair of window treatments.

Let's do this.


  1. A possibility - Starbucks internet and writing while in transit. Even if it's late and Starbucks is closed, the wifi is usually still on (I have been standing outside the Ventura & Vineland Starbucks at 3am in the past putting up a tip).

    And I thought the challenge was that you had stopped using the letter "e" for a week or something.

  2. Well no. It's not that bad.

    And normally it's not a problem because normally you only get 90 minutes anyway, but since everybody's getting more time I imagine the quality of entries will be higher so I'd like the extra time too.

    Do they have Starbucks in Montana?

  3. They have one in Great Falls, three in Billings, three in Helena, and one in Butte.

  4. Wait, they have cities in Montana?

  5. Shocked the hell out of me too when I went to the Starbucks website. Maybe the company made those up so they could plant stores there. ;)

  6. Oh, shit! That's what I titled MY posts about the Open on my site: "Let's do this". See, Em? More alike than we thought.

  7. Good luck Kim and Vanilla.

    This ended up being a more difficult challenge than I thought but once I started having fun and not thinking so hard, it got easier.


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