Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Good day bad day

So on the down side, the two producers/managers that have read my script have both said they love the writing, but aren't sure about the concept. I'm a little stumped on my current project because I'm not sure I have a full story, and I still have tons of papers to grade so I can't do any writing for a little while, which I guess doesn't matter since I'm still cracking my story.

On the upside, both producers/managers have said they love my writing and would read something else of mine. School is almost out so I'll have time to do nothing BUT write pretty soon. I think I'm just going to take the outline I've got and start chugging away at it, and I hope some of my issues solve themselves once I get cracking. If not, notes will do the trick. And today someone one of my friends said about The Beefcake that launched a screenplay idea that has consumed my brain all day.


  1. I wouldn't fret too much. That they like the writing is a plus.

    Generally, the phrase "not sure about the concept" is code for they don't know how to sell it, or they don't have anyone they could take it to that could get it made.

    That they want to see other stuff from you is a win in my book.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    You are a good writer, no doubt. But what you need is your brand and specific fans. Okay, you have fans at BK blog, but how about your style of writing...

    My buddy is a great Asian-styled action screenwriter. His web page (not blog) is about a specific styled-action screenwriting, period. He writes for comics, graphic novels, magazines, Asian online blogs and he is busy in the Manga circle. Everything he writes about is about action screenwriting. His writing is hyper, stylistic, very cool. On the level Frank Miller, not as good, but pretty good.

    So you need to go deeper into the writing and advertise away from your writing on a fanboy/Asian/Europe level.

    You need something like this:

    The world does not know what your Zombie script looks like...
    Or feels like...
    Get someone to draw it out for you...

    Take a look at novelists, comic writers, they advertise their work everywhere with samples.

    Do a kick ass animation webisode and show us your writing style...

    Something like this...

    Once you have non-blog fans, the producers will be knocking.

    Create a universe of work that shows off your screewriting style.

    Your blog is fantastic, but you come across as a pro bloger, not a kick ass screenwriter.

    And for god sake, do not become a film professor or another blogger or hobbyist or academic blogger.


  3. Thanks, James. I'm still getting it out there. We'll see.

    That's great for your buddy, JC. I hope it pays off.

  4. Two other writers who "meh' moments before they finally made the sale:

    [1] George Lucas, with STAR WARS;

    [2] Joanne Rowling, with her first
    Harry Potter book.


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