Monday, June 27, 2011

I shall be podcasted

Script Doctor Eric runs a fantastic podcast called Scriptcast, where he and his buddy Matt discuss screenwriting and the Industry in a fun, casual atmosphere. For some reason, they'll be talking to ME tomorrow, Tuesday June 28.

I appear to have fooled them into thinking I have something to say. For all I know, we'll spend an hour discussing my adoration for Zombie Strippers.

But if you want to check it out, go here to subscribe or search for "Scriptcast" on Itunes. And even if you don't want to listen tomorrow, I encourage you to check it out in the future or listen to past episodes. It's a podcast for people like us, working from the sidelines to get into the big show.


  1. Yay! Very exciting, and we finally get to hear if you have a drawl. 7pm ATL time, will definitely aim to tune in.

    Teacher humor re margins:

  2. can you talk dirty, please?

  3. Zombieholic12:28 PM

    Look forward to hearing you. I expect school is out for the summer and if you're interested in expanding your knowledge base you might want to enroll in University of Baltimore's English 333 course, "Zombie Studies".

  4. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Zombie Strippers is such a fast jiving moving motion picture. Love it.
    It just shows that nutty script swill win the day in the future any time. Foget these Streep and Easwood and serious drama crappy scripts.

    Saw Zombie Strippers.
    with a crowd of University grads, it was a blast.

    So to all of us, more power to scripts like Zombie Strippers.

  5. Emily! Heard the interview. You've got a great voice. [Sounds pretty much like I thought it would]

    I like their on air style. They treated you like a third co-host. [In fact, I think they should let you guest co-host if one of them has the flu or something.]

    The stress level of pandas must be quite high. Imagine: Only one kind of food will keep you alive; always wondering where the next bamboo shoot is going to come from. But they never complain. They just keep their furry heads down, and keep trying...

    You were a great guest.

  6. Thanks! I talk for a living, so I was a little worried I talked too much. I'd do it again, though. It was a cool experience.

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