Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sinister ladies are trending


  1. I'm scared. [I think I like it!]

  2. More like "more of the same crap" is trending. I hope the Gellar and Bello shows are good, because I like those actresses so much, but I doubt they will be.

  3. I've seen Ringer, Revenge and Prime Suspect, and of those, I think Revenge was the best.

  4. I wonder if the trend of powerful women will translate from TV to film?

    Films like Kill Bill and Salt worked pretty well, so it's a possibility.


    ** On another note: where did you find your little "Screenplays in Progress" gadget thingy?

  5. It's a Screenplay Progress Bar, and I got it from David Anaxagoras a million years ago. I don't have a current how to link, but a thorough Googling should unearth it.

  6. rufus8:31 PM

    Wouldn't say any of these women are "sinister", although that Revenge show does look like the series version of those movies Kate Vernon used to make back in the 80s.

    And don't forget, the 2nd season of Nikita starts this week, as do NCIS & NCIS-LA all of which feature strong women and plenty of feminine asskickery.

  7. I can't believe "Revenge" hasn't been used as a title before...

    I have no idea what the show is about, but keeping that theme going for more than one season seems like it would be kind of difficult...

    Then again, Cougar Town?

  8. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Hey Bitter and Emily, you guys got bad taste. I saw some of these films:AMATEUR TV TONITE CACA!!! At least Emily's blog is better than yours. Thanks for that Bitterman.

    Okay, I digress, Emily (the next Cody, go girl), those TV shows you listed are caca.


  9. Revenge stars Madeline Stowe who starred in a 1990 Tony Scott film called...Revenge. As far as I know the two are unrelated.

  10. Thanks, Emily.

    Sadly, the widget only works for Wordpress blogs and isn't compatible with Blogger.

  11. Real life zombie race! I think you're the closest thing we got to a Sarah Connor of zombies, Emily, so I hope you're ready to take them on. Oct in LA:

    Fiona on Burn Notice, she be real good at blowing things up and all kinds of kickassery. My hero. If you're a bad guy, I think you'd find her sinister.


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