Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Work work work

School started today. I'm tired.

One of my classes has 46 students. I'm short two chairs, but had one absence, so one girl literally sat in another girl's lap today. I hope I have more chairs tomorrow. Or fewer students. Fewer students would be nice.

When school's in session I usually write only on weekends. I probably have about 18 pages or so left on the first draft, so it will be at least two more weekends before I'll be ready to move on to notes.

I wish I had been able to finish it before last week. Now I've got lesson plans to create and papers to grade. Work always gets in the way of all the cool stuff.


  1. Could be worse.

    My roommate is doing sound for a doc on teachers. It was this girls first day of teaching today. Only 1 student showed up. And he later realized he was in the wrong class.

    So they had totally mis-scheduled and not given her a class on her first day ever teaching.

    I felt so bad for her. And yet at the same time was like -- OMG, this doc is going to be amazing!

  2. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Hey Emily: Work is good, but we need to think about the future, script sales, family, kids, dogs, cars, more money, you know...

    I love Oparah...(she taught me that we have to work harder to achieve our dreams)

    Don't put too much times of your classs, moderator of Done Deal, its a leech suck time sucker and blogging, your're good, give a break....WRITE THAT NINJA COOL WORLD WAR 3 MEETS ZOMBIES...instead


  3. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Excuses Excuses
    Just write Emily. Just give up that post at Done Deal. I did that 3 years ago. I used to be a moderator at Done Deal. All I did was argue with those old farts at Done Deal. Like they are parental missing waste of time jerk offs...whatever.

    Just write. Don't give use excuses.

    Your ex-manager in Cloud 9(ya we worked together a while back)

    Just be a real writer, screen all the other stuffs your doing.

  4. Those kids are very lucky.

    May there be smoother sailing and a fully literature-engaged class soon.

    At least you didn't have to punch a bear (here). (Closest I came, one of those wolf-like dogs, who ran over while I was shoveling snow, my pooch thought he wanted to play. Nope. Got my dog's neck, I got in his face and snarled, ready to tear off limbs. It worked.) My darling says I'd punch the bear. I bet you would too, Emily.

    Your site even blacker (now main content area black, on firefox 6 and ie 8). Ugh. When this happened to blog I had, where one after another problem accrued, ended up was new wordpress backend, and I'd have to redo whole thing. On my to-do list. I hope it's just a small issue for you, some file not being found. And we'll still be reading your blog, no matter what the color, so kids and writing first.

  5. Patricia11:32 AM

    46 students in one class is insane. That's not fair to the teacher or the students.

    There shouldn't be more than about 30. That's about the highest my classes got when I was in school.


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