Monday, January 16, 2012

Meetings: Part 1

Now is the time when I go to meetings. I haven't done too many yet; I hope to fill my calendar with them in the coming year. These are great meetings because I'm just going in to chat with people, make sure we like each other, see if they have any projects for which I'd be a good fit.

Driving on a studio lot is cool. I've been on the Warner Brothers lot before as somebody's guest at one of those bi-annual sales where they sell off all the shit left over from old TV shows and movies, but I've never been on a lot in any kind of official capacity.

So when I drove on a lot the other day, I admit I got a little giddy. I've seen enough movies to know how you're supposed to act, so I just pretended this was like any other day for me when I told the guards where I was headed. It's a nice feeling when your name is on a list. And not a list of people who've been banned from Putt putt for climbing the fake rocks.

Anyway, I took the water like everybody else, but the problem with drinking water during a meeting in an unfamiliar place is that I always have to ask where the bathroom is. And in all that talk about water bottles, here's something nobody ever mentioned before: Tip the valet a dollar. I had to ask some guy who was standing next to me waiting for his car.

I've got another meeting this week - thankfully within a short distance of my house this time so I won't be in traffic for an hour, not that I mind, then another at the end of the month. I'm excited about both meetings, and I hope they shove another one in there soon.

Meanwhile, I'm writing, writing, writing, and finding ways to avoid grading papers.


  1. Water. Yes, I'd accept the bottle, but save it for later. I'd feel more relaxed that way...

    Next meeting nearby. Another studio, or do meetings happen elsewhere?

    Are you being considered for re-writing others' scripts? If so, how do you approach that?

    Next time, don't hide your excitement [not all of it, anyway] at the Gate. You're only new once!

  2. Do you keep the studio parking permit? I do. I lost the last one, so it's time for another meeting.

  3. You're an inspiration to me, Emily. Not only the success, but all the hard work you put in to get yourself this far. I'm so excited for you! Enjoy every moment. I'm looking forward to reading about your writing jobs in the near future.

  4. Meetings are fun, aren't they? Man, when I rolled onto a lot and realized... I'm actually here to do business... that was a crazy, crazy moment for me. I'm really happy this is happening to you!


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