Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thoughts on the film: Haywire

I liked Haywire, and here's why:

It was refreshing to see the camera lay back and let the star do all the work during action scenes. We've come to expect our action scenes to have a zillion cuts, largely so we don't notice the big stunt double who's doing all the tough stuff in between close-ups of the beautiful star's face looking intense. In this movie, there was no need for the star to have a stunt double do all the work, so we got to watch the pure action scene without cutting in and out and back and forth and shaky-cammed to death.

She looked like she could kick ass, she acted like she could kick ass. I felt like Gina Carano's acting was just fine as long as she had something to do, although the scenes when she was sitting still and talking were not so good. Anything that took place inside a car was cringe-worthy.


The MOS stuff in Barcelona was terrific, and for once I actually liked Channing Tatum, and you just can't beat those action scenes. I'm jealous of how well that woman can move her body to kick major ass.

Is it a perfect movie? Definitely not. I barely understood the plot, and the parts I did understand had some serious holes, but it was shot beautifully and clean. No extra bullshit. I wish more action movies were shot that way, because sometimes I feel like the constant movement of the camera is trying to make me think there's more going on here than there is. I loved that in one scene, Carano was just running after a guy. Just running, trying to catch him, doing what a woman like that would actually do. It wasn't super fancy. It was just straight up, old school running.

The problem is, the marketing made you think this was a Bourne movie with a chick. It's not. The premise is similar, but the shooting style is vastly different, and if you went in expecting Bourne you'd be angry at what you got. That's probably why audiences responded so poorly.

I'm sad about the audience response, but at least nobody can blame the weekend on a strong female protagonist. Thank you, Underworld 4. And Haywire will make its investment back because of its low budget. Hopefully this was a great introduction to Carano and we will see more of her soon. I'd write something for her in a heart beat if the job came up.


  1. Congrats on your recent success! I've been reading your blog for...I think it's been about five years...so it is a much deserved success.

  2. Thanks! It's been crazy, and I'm still a long way from a payday, but I'm having a grand time.

  3. Ticket# 2599733/1
    Empire Theatres, Bayers Lake

    HAYWIRE. Hay, Emily!!

    I think that Bruce Lee would've liked this film; and, he would've been intrigued by the Mallory Kane character.[And impressed by Gina Carano]


    [1] Gina's character thinks and fights outside the box. Early on, in a brawl, her philosophy seems to be - why stand on the floor, when you can stand on the wall. This is the precise moment when she won over the audience last night.

    [2] The Hotel Fight. The equal of the Orient Express fight in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. Also, Gina has legs that can kill...what a way to go!!

    [3] I'm no Roger Ebert, but I could not tell that she's new at this.

    [4] Editing. If you read a book out of sequence, you'll find that your mind assembles things chronologically-so, eventually, you'll get the picture. Same with this film.

    [5] Most actresses signed to an action film have to train up to it. But not Gina. Like a bullet in the chamber...all the Director had to do - was pull the trigger.

    [6] According to the credits, there is CG in the film. But where? Maybe the deer scene.

    [7] She is to be killed:

    "I've never done a woman before."

    "Oh, don't think of her as a woman...that would be a mistake."


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