Sunday, November 04, 2012

Back to work, Lazybones (Lazybones is me)

I didn't do much writing in the last week. Two weeks ago I finished a Super Secret script I'd been working on (or at least, I hope I did. You never know until it gets kicked back to you by the next level of readers), so I took a week off to do some other stuff.

But you can't put this off too long or you're not really a writer, so today I got back into it.

Before I got sidetracked by Super Secret Spec Project, I was working on a script that's been giving me trouble. It's a bit of Jason Statham type story - lots of rock 'em sock 'em coupled with a love story. Ok so everything I write is an action romantic comedy, but this time it's an ACTION romantic comedy.

Today I could put it off no longer. I got back into it, and started on page one. I'm doing this as part edit, part B story first draft. I haven't been idle with this story, despite not actually doing any writing; I've been thinking. So today I went through and changed things I already wrote to accommodate the adjusted B story I've come up with, and then added in the B story parts.

I worked really hard and trudged through it, and then was like "Ok, I think I'm done for the day."

But then I looked around and realized that it had been 20 minutes, I added one page, and I was on page 7.


Some scripts you fly through on a gentle breeze. Sometimes you have to put on your scowly face and push through with your hip waders on.


  1. Writing's a brutal drug to be hooked on, ain't it? I'm finally taking some advice a director once gave me and "barreling right through" the first draft of my latest thriller. Not sure whether the advice is sound or not - nor whether this draft will come smoothly or through rough waters. For once, though, I'm taking someone's advice and not second guessing my way through a draft. I guess the next few weeks will tell whether or not this was a wise decision.

  2. I trudge through every script, because as a teacher and parent I have very little time to write. When I do find the time- it's usually late at night or very early in the morning. Damn this addiction.


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