Friday, November 30, 2012

Two blogs you should read

You guys should all know about Geoff LaTulippe's new blog. He's a talky bastard on Twitter, and now he has succumbed to the urge to put his thoughts about screenwriting into longer form at

LaTulippe is the writer of that fine Justin Long/Drew Barrymore film Going the Distance, but as you should know by now, IMDB credits only tell a fraction of the story. The guy knows the business and has a lot of good stuff to say on the subject. Hopefully he'll keep this thing going.

And if you're not already reading it, you should also regularly check Doug Richardson's brilliant exploits in the film business. He wrote Die Hard 2, Bad Boys, Money Train, Hostage - in short, the dude has a long and interesting career, and he talks all about it in the most wonderful stories that you must read.

Go. Read. Learn.


  1. Thanks Emily. Added them to the daily blog role.


  2. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Emily, can you do a post about your outlining process from conception to outline, and how you go about it and how long it usually takes you to develop an idea to the point you can get stuck in. I think this would be a good topic and could be a good discussion even.

  4. I can do that. I have something else planned for the next post, but I'll write something up about outlining soon.

  5. Cool news.
    Thanks for the post.

    P.S. -- Saw you were quoted in The New York Times.

  6. Hey, Emily! Great blog recommendations! I already discovered Doug's blog thanks to *your* blog and I agree that he's fantastic. His stories provide some fascinating insight into the wacky business of show.

    And I had the chance to watch Geoff facilitate a pitch panel at the Austin Film Festival Writer's Conference this year. Not only was his feedback spot-on, but Geoff was also really cool and down-to-earth. Terrific guy!


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