Thursday, August 03, 2006

My kids are a riot.

This morning I nearly passed out, I was laughing so hard. My kids are a funny little bunch, especially when they're not trying. Apparently, "Marco's" girlfriend ran off with his best friend and he's very upset about it, so he's been talking a lot of shit to the friend. But when the friend offered to fight Marco, he balked and ran across the street, and "Stephanie" finds this unmanly. So they got into this long volley of insults about whther or not Marco should have fought his friend. Then "Juan" chimes in to say that he thinks it's not worth it to get in a fight over a girl, at which point Stephanie turns on him and uses her sharp whit on both boys at the same time, all while I'm trying desperately to get the conversation back to The Crucible by interjecting a lot of "okays" and "yes, but it's Danforth's turn to talk," all while trying really hard to control my laughter. The whole time Stephanie was applying her mascara. She barely even looked away from the mirror. Then in the middle of it all another student let out a loud shriek because he couldn't take the bickering anymore.

I wished I had a video camera. All I kept thinking about was how I hoped I didn't forget the exhange because it would make beautiful dialogue in a teen comedy.


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Two of my friends back in San Francisco had this strange ability to come up with great dialogue.

    The guy had really great stories, most of which started with "One time when I was wasted/high." And his girlfriend would always say these really wacky things. Like the time she took a bite of a chocolate chip cookie and asked, very sincerely and enthusiastically, "WHAT IS THIS?!"

    "Umm, ever heard of chocolate chip?" I asked. It was too funny.

    They were so regularly inspiring that I carried around a little notepad whenever I was with them, jotting down whole parts of conversations and other ideas.

    The best stuff comes from real life. And your scene with the three students would be priceless.

  2. That's my favorite part of the job. I may not break into the industry as fast as if I had a writer's assistant job, but I've got plenty of stories to draw from when I do.


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