Thursday, August 24, 2006

So good so good so good.

Are movies so great because they echo our true lives, or are they pushing us to become more like the fictional versions of ourselves?

Last night I joined the guy from Fever Pitch at the Red Sox/Angels game. Thank God the Sox won because I think I'd still be hiding in the bathroom to avoid his Hulk-like behavior at the ballpark if they lost. Instead, I got hugs and high fives and generally cheerful behavior.

I was Drew Barrymore, but without the laptop. I asked a question about fastballs and got a twenty-minute demonstration of all the pitches that exist. There are more than I thought, and boy do I not remember most of them. I felt like I was in baseball class, but it's more fun than it sounds. Baseball fans kind of light up when they teach you things. It's adorable. It really was like hanging out with Jimmy Fallon.

There was a fist fight nearby between fans of the opposing teams. Why does an Angels fan from LA pick a fight with the big-ass dock worker from Boston? He had a beer-induced concussion and was carried out on a stretcher.

I'd never been to a major league game before because we don't really have any teams in NC. It's a basketball state. But I had so much fun I wish I had tickets to tonight's game too. I think I'm a baseball fan now.

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