Monday, October 09, 2006

I love LA

My next door Neighbors are both actors with lots of actor friends. We go in and out of each others' apartments at will, just like in the dorms. Today when I got home I saw that Boy Neighbor had been in my place watching TV and picked up a script I'd left for him to read, so I went next door to see if he'd had a chance to look at it yet and to ask why the hell he didn't close my door when he left.

I issued a cursory quiet knock and opened the door. They were filming a movie. The Sound Guy, a friend, flashed me a dirty look as I pulled the door to a close.


  1. Right now I'm in London, but a couple of days before I left I decided to go to the little Mexican restaurant across the street for dinner... and it was filled with crew and cast people making a movie.

    The strange thing is - I've been here so long I was *mad* because I'd have to eat someplace else!

    So, you think those guys would wanna make one of your scripts?

    - Bill

  2. Actually, Boy Neighbor offered to see what he could do with the spec pilot when it's finished because he loves my concept and he's perfect for the lead. But I'm not sure how it would help me. What can you do with a filmed spec pilot that you can't do with the script?


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