Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stay away from the Jello.

Raise your hand if you were hung over Sunday. Yep.

Every Halloween I'm the same thing: Buffy. I love Buffy. Being Buffy makes me feel badass. I even have a sharp wooden stake a shop teacher made me one year, which very nearly got me in trouble with the cops in Chapel Hill, but we don't need to go into that. The point is, this year I wanted something different but still heroic. I was gonna be the invincible cheerleader from Heroes.

I shouldn't have waited until Saturday to shop for the outfit. The costume place was packed with people but short on cheerleader costumes. I found something close to what I was looking for in a child's size.

So I wore this:

Not exactly heroic, but very comfortable, even when I puked in the bushes. Unfortunately I'll probably have a scar from where I backed into the outdoor heater with my exposed calf.

I'd like to publicly thank the rugby players who helped me to the car. I know I was proclaiming my ability to walk on my own, but I was lying. Thanks fellas. I wish I knew who you were or remembered what you looked like.

And thanks to my girl for magically getting me into my pajamas. It was nice to wake up with pants on.


  1. Do you like, have pictures of you in the cheerleader's outfit?

    Not the puking in the bushes part, but really of you as a badass cheerleader...

    Wait...did I type that out loud?

  2. I didn't find the cheerleader costume. That's why I went as poodle-skirt girl. Somebody took pictures, but I don't know who they were or where those photos are now.

    God, I hope they didn't get the bushes thing.

  3. We didn't have teachers like you when I went to Catholic High School (mores the pity). We had, I mean nuns.

    See if I could have seen one of my nun teachers heaving, and another nun holding back her habit...well then all would have been right with my world.

  4. 'Somebody took pictures, but I don't know who they were or where those photos are now...'

    Famous last words if I ever heard them - I'm sure Marcia Cross was saying the same thing.

  5. WOW!

    As the great scribe Van Halen once said: "Hot for Teacher".

    @Bill's first post: I was thinking the same thing, but managed to hold it until now...


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