Monday, June 30, 2008

Freaking technology

There will not be a zombie preparedness video uploaded to Youtube this week because the archaic video camera we used refuses to acknowledge my computer. All the footage that we shot and that I'm supposed to use to practice my editing skills is useless because it won't come off the camera.

Not that I'm not grateful for the use of his piece of shit camera. I don't have a piece of shit camera of my own, so I have to envy his.

So Ex-Boyfriend is going to see if he can solve the problem the easy way first - putting the tape in another camera, trying to upload the footage to another computer. If all else fails we will get another camera and videotape the footage from a TV. I would like to avoid that for obvious reasons, mostly because it would look terrible.

Freaking technology, man.

I can sit here on my laptop with my Ipod charging, downloading pictures off a digital camera while I transfer files from my flash drive to an external hard drive as I cruise the Internet for porn.

But I can't upload my cheapo tutorial video footage into my computer because the camera is too old and my computer is too new.


  1. Nice "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" reference with the piece of shit camera.

  2. The camera's not THAT old. IT will be fine as long as we can get it hooked up to a computer that will recognize it.


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