Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Three things

1) I just noticed a bunch of comments that never got emailed to me and were still waiting for moderation. Sorry about that. I wasn't blocking your comment, my email ate them.

2) I was trying to practice my editing skills today but I don't have much footage to work with so E-Boyfriend came over and we made an instructional video about preparing for a zombie attack. That was fun, and another excellent learning experience because I got to see a few more things from the actor's perspective and think about making sure cuts matched and as a writer I learned about improv on set. We had some problems uploading the footage so I won't actually have anything to edit until Monday, but hopefully next week I'll have my first fully produced short film up on Youtube.

3) The Rouge Wave has big news. Remember when I mentioned that Silver Screenwriting Contest (deadline July 3)? Well it was already pretty cool but now the grand prize has just gotten bigger. An Academy Award nominated screenwriter will have lunch with the winner. And a good screenwriter. The film he was nominated deserved the award. In fact it's probably one of my favorite films of the past year. And no it's not Norbit. So don't forget to enter because lunch with this person is so awesome you might want to lick his or her face. But don't.

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  1. saw a great zombie short last night at LA Film Fest! Aussie-made; you'd dig it. Ask me Saturday.


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