Monday, August 04, 2008

$50,000 I won't be getting this year

Oh I am an idiot.

I was getting all my stuff ready for Disney and I neglected one important detail. I've been planning to enter Disney for months and as soon as the application appeared I downloaded it and was like - eh, I have lots of time so I'll start later.

Then I did my resume and wrote this AWESOME biography and agonized over my letter of intent and printed out my script and everything and I was like - OKAY! I'm gonna do well this year!

And then I went to sign the application form and noticed that it was all due on Thursday. And today is Monday.

Because the TV application is due the 8th. The feature application was due the 31st.

So there goes that.

UPDATE: I emailed Nicholl and they said they sent my letter to my address but I still don't have it. So clearly I am cursed.


  1. Oh crap! I didn't realize they had different due dates.

    What the hell is that about?

  2. That's how you can lose a lot more if you just relax for one more moment too much.

  3. Weird. I had no idea, honestly...crap, and I've been nagging my friend to enter for MONTHS and now he missed it!

    Oh well, luckily, he's got some TV specs too, but still!


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