Monday, August 18, 2008

How I spent this weekend this time

I have two weeks until my eight week vacation. I'm going to Big Bear, Vegas, Raleigh and Puerto Rico and I'm going to finish my current script at some point. Plus I'd also like to sleep. I haven't really been sleeping enough and I'm exhausted.

Saturday night I went Marakesh, a Moroccan restaurant in Sherman Oaks where a belly dancer made all the girls from our table get up and dance. She also made the lady from Millionaire Matchmaker dance, so I guess that place is trendy. Millionaire Matchmaker lady was with a young dude who kind of looked like my biological father in his younger days. They were all smoochy. He danced too and I have to admit he could shake it pretty hard, although not as hard as the dude at our table who danced as well. That guy was doing Matrix moves and shit.

Somebody took pictures but I don't have them. I hope they got a good shot of me doing the running man.

I also saw Tropic Thunder. Just as most people have said, it was definitely funny - and I even sat up front because we got there a little late. As has been said, Robert Downey Jr is amazing and I love the mega-blue eyes they gave him. And I don't care about how PC it is, that speech he gives about how and actor should "never go full-on retard" made me laugh and laugh, and still makes me chuckle.

My only complaint about that film is that it kind of switches back and forth a bit between parody film and serious action comedy. Some things seem grounded in reality, and then suddenly something will happen that's so ridiculous it could have been a Leslie Nielson film. But all in all I laughed. I'd also like to give a shout out to Matthew McConaughay who played his part 100% straight. Bravo.

I'm pretty proud of myself because I usually suck at the box office prediction thing, but a month ago I called it that Tropic Thunder would be the first movie to beat The Dark Knight at the box office - not because it's better, but because it's good enough and appeals to a lot of the same crowd and The Dark Knight has been out long enough.

I also predicted TDK would make more money than Titanic. I may have been wrong about that one, but not by much. Everybody thought I was a crazy person.


  1. Tropic Thunder was a hoot from the fake previews to the crazy dance moves at the end. I liked the way it went full action and then spoofed the conventions of that genre. I LOVED

    -the giant hands of Tom Cruise.
    -the whole TIVO thing
    -Bill Hader as the assistant
    -Jack Black and the bat

    one of my favorite movies of the year so far. Took him about twenty years to get it made.

  2. It's okay. Lots of people though I was nuts when I said The Dark Knight would clear $400 million.

    The only movie I've been really off on this year was Iron Man, which I didn't think would do that well.

  3. You might be right about the possibility that TDK earns more than Titanic... if you rate the spots by raw dollars (#2 to #1). If you adjust for inflation, however, it has to move up from #39 to #6. I don't see that happening. Of course TDK cost 25% less to produce and has more toy marketing possibilities, so for Gross Profit, they'll probably end up somewhere near each other.


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