Friday, August 08, 2008

My imaginary festival

After Diablo Cody did her whole thing at the New Beverly where she got to have her own weeklong festival, old Lazy Eye decided to challenge the rest of us to plan our own imaginary film festival: two movies a night for a week.

I waited patiently to be tagged but nobody is tagging me so I will have to invite myself to the party.

Here's what I like to call Emily's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Festival:

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Three Days of the Condor
I never used to watch old movies. I thought they were boring, but then I suddenly discovered they weren't all about well-dressed socialites sitting around drinking tea when I saw Robert Redford on the run. I love Condor's fight scenes and how this is a guy who doesn't really know how to fight so he has to use his survival skills. These aren't clean martial arts battles.

Once Upon a Time in China
Speaking of clean martial arts battles, I am completely in love with the crazy Chinese flying shit. I waver between House of Flying Daggers and Hero, but I love the way the theme is reflected in every single moment of Hero, right down to the use of color. And Once Upon a Time in China is just badass. The first time I saw that movie I fell totally in love with Jet Li and I will still watch anything he's in, Chinese or American.

Die Hard
Lethal Weapon
Duh. I mean, how can you have an action movie festival without including the two films that sort of defined the genre. These two movies make me cream my pants a little when I watch them on a big screen. I love you, Shane Black!

Galaxy Quest
Space. The awesomest frontier. I gotta show love for Joss and the beautiful pic that is Serenity. And I probably quote from Galaxy Quest three times a day. It's hands down my favorite comedy of all time.

Batman Begins
X Men 2: X Men United
I know we're being a little oversaturated with superheroes these days, but I still love both of these films. To me, X Men 2 is exactly what a superhero movie should be - thematic, fun, moving. The whole scene where that military team busts up into the house and Wolverine goes ape shit is just supercool. And Batman is just so dark and gritty and full of the hotness that is Christian Bale.

The Matrix
Pitch Black
They don't really have a lot in common other than being futuristic action flicks, but these two are at the top for me in all time greats so I'd want to close my week with them both. The Matrix was just so new and different and wall to wall eye candy. And Pitch Black surprised everyone by being about way more than scary monsters in the dark. It's a shame both films had to have sequels, but I still love them for the way they make those action scenes count.


  1. If it means anything, if I had decided to tag people you would have been one of them. But since I didn't, it probably doesn't mean anything.

    Next on the list for the New Beverly is Seth Green, who's programming his own fest in September. We'll see how good his selections are.

  2. Where can I get tickets? Oh wait, I already own all of those... sounds pretty bad ass to me... I'd try to add an extra day for some old school John Woo.

    If you haven't already you must check out Exiled by Johnny To.

  3. Monday night: I'm there, I'm wearing leather and I'm taking notes.

    Galaxy Quest...what do you quote from it besides 'never give up, never surrender'?

  4. "Let's get out of here before one of those things kills Guy."

    "Don't open that! It's an alien planet! Is there air? You don't know!"

    "Oh I see you manged to get your shirt off again."

    "You have a name. - Do I? Do I?"

    There are many more. They don't necessarily have to be in context for me to say them.

  5. of all the movies that are three amigos, galaxy quest is the second best one. it's a really close second.


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