Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The scariest movie I've ever seen

Yesterday morning I watched Jesus Camp. That may be the scariest film I've ever seen. Fuck a horror movie, this thing didn't need any gore to make me have nightmares.
Jesus Camp, if you haven't already heard about it, is a documentary about the Kids on Fire evangelical camp where a militant Jesus lady trains American kids to be tiny religious warriors.

The Muslims do it, she says, so why shouldn't we?

Up to now the scariest movie I ever saw was Kids. This one has now tied for the lead.

I have nothing against the Christian religion at all. I think all religions have merit, and at its core the benevolence Jesus preached is something we should all emulate. But that ain't what these nutjobs are doing.

There's no voice over or anything. The footage speaks for itself, and I wouldn't be surprised if evangelicals thought it proved their point that they have to fight for their existence just as much as I thought it proved they are the scariest people in the country. That's good documentary, right there. No explanations necessary - just footage of little kids screaming anti-abortion slogans as they fall into a trance over what they think is Jesus love.

Yeah I remember when that happened before. Arthur Miller wrote about it in The Crucible.

So if you're looking for a good horror movie with no gore, Jesus Camp is it.


  1. I've heard of that one, but haven't seen it. Yeah, thinking about some of the things that go on like that IS scary.

    I don't think it has occurred to either side yet that they worship the same diety.

    It just goes to show you that people do NOT learn from history, and are doomed to repeat the same stupid mistakes, Over and Over again.


    - Bill

  3. Oh thank goodness. Finally zombies can find love.


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