Monday, January 12, 2009

You don't see writers on the best dressed list

I didn't watch the Golden Globes because 24 was on. Who wants to watch the Golden Globes when 24 is on?

First of all, I'm disappointed in the number of explosions in the first two hours. More shit needs to blow up.

Anyway, while I was waiting for the next two hours of 24 to come on I watched two Golden Globe fashion wrap ups, because although I quite enjoy explosions and fist fights, I am also a girl who likes blue bows and organza.

In addition to all the other awesome things about being a professional writer, I love that we are largely anonymous. For the most part, even when we get the bazillion dollar deals, we can still wander about invisible to most of the world. So if I wear something like, say a gold trash bag I forgot to steam *cough* Rachel Griffiths *cough*, nobody will be coughing my name up on their blog the next day. Because we get to go to the parties and we get to wear the fancy dresses but we don't have to be scrutinized on our dress choices. Unless we're Diablo Cody.

I still fit into my prom dress. I'm wearing that shit to the first awards ceremony I get invited to. I dare Lisa Rinna to say something. It's pretty and pink and it's covered in lace.


  1. I expect an invite to your awards ceremony in the mail any day now... ;-)

    PS: I made an interesting use of your Neal McD. post from yesterday on my blog - it's private but I'll send you an invite if you're interested.

  2. Of course I'm interested!

  3. haha. I watched the Golden Globes because I was rooting for Slumdog and it was interesting.

    True, nobody ever gives a shit about screenwriters (unless they also direct). It is interesting to see how Diablo Cody makes good use of her credibility as a screenwriter. I can't wait for 'United States of Tara.'


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