Friday, October 23, 2009

Back to work

Today was a pupil free day at work, which basically means I spend the morning in a meeting and the afternoon in my empty classroom thinking about working.

I have to transition now out of screenwriter mode and into teacher mode. I have my script out to a friend for suggestions at the moment so there's no pressure, but hopefully once said friend trashes my script I'll be able to jump on a rewrite. I just need my friend to point me in the right direction.

Over the vacation I got so busy writing my new script and looking for houses and going to Montana that I never finished the last touches on Game Night. I can't screen it until we get the house ready for visitors, but I still wish I'd been able to find some time to work on it. I have to do it at home because all the material will only fit on my external hard drive. But by the time our house is ready the film should be too.

But my two main goals for the break were to finish the first draft of the script and find a house. So I call this one a win.

Now it's time to educate some childrens.

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