Monday, October 05, 2009

Thoughts on the awesomest film of 2009: Zombieland

So Zombieland was as awesome as I always dreamed it would be. My one complaint is that the voice over needed to be drawn back a bit. Some of it was telling us what we could already see, almost as if the filmmakers didn't trust us to get the point.

But if you can look past it, that film was the awesomest thing to come out since Hot Fuzz.

This is good for me because I have a zombie action script. Mine's not comedy, but it is big budget and it is badass. If Zombieland had tanked, my shit would have been dead (ooh look! A pun!) but if I'm lucky, the film will continue to make lots of money and maybe somebody will want something like it but different enough to be original. At any rate, it can't hurt.

There are just so many brilliant touches in this film. I loved the screenplay already and they kept most of it intact, but the changes they made were for the better. The screenplay ends with the group headed off to Disneyland, but that seems a waste of an opportunity, doesn't it? Zombies in a theme park? So they shifted some things around and instead included the theme park. Smart decision.

And even though I knew the celebrity cameo was coming because I read it in the script and I saw the cast list on IMDB, they changed the way the scene played out so I was still pleasantly surprised.

This is just a fun movie. Fun fun fun. It's always nice when you can take cannibals and a post-apocalyptic world and laugh about it.

If you have not seen Zombieland and you enjoyed Shaun of the Dead even a little, this is the movie for you. And as an added bonus, if you pay to see it you can help me sell my screenplay.

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  1. We felt that we need some different in the period. But of course zombieland movie filled that situation and it made huge wave via the world. It was cool guys.



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