Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ask me something please

Some weeks I can think of like a bazillion posts I want to make. I have a tendency to go into long diatribes about why I love or hate a particular film and they only end when the Beefcake asks if the dog has gone out to piddle in the last 8 hours. So sometimes I just put all those speeches down here and bam, there's a post.

But then sometimes there's weeks like this where I have no interesting thoughts at all. I'm planning on posting more interviews in the coming weeks - one on a comic book writer is coming soon, I promise - but for today I confess I've had no flashes of brilliance, or even mediocrity.

So for the love of God, somebody ask me a question. About anything.


  1. what is your favourite classic film from the Golden Age of Hollywood (if you have one)?

  2. Oooh good question. It's tempting to say Casablanca. I also love Gilda and Mutiny on the Bounty and of course Sunset Boulevard, but my all time favorite of that era has got to be A Streetcar Named Desire. The performances in that are spectacular. What I love most, I think, is how the film manages to make me kind of like Stanley just as much as I hate him. I loved the play but didn't feel quite so torn about Stanley, so that's a real credit to Brando and Kazan.

  3. sally creeping down the alley9:29 PM

    Since you're not Josh Olson (and when you think about it, that's not totally a bad thing) yet, will YOU read my fucking script? Seriously, tell us the story of how you landed your manager.

  4. What do you think makes a good cliffhanger? How do you think cliffhanger's can be used in screenwriting? I'm writing a post on this subject myself and just wondered about your opinions.

  5. did you end up seeing spartacus and did you like it?

  6. I have a few:

    How do you enjoy + analyze a movie in one sitting?

    Will 3D stay?

    Favorite writer/director(s)?

  7. i LOVE A Streetcar named Desire!! I agree with you, very powerful performances. Blanche duBois is one of the most powerful, dream roles for a real actress.

    I haven't seen Gilda or Mutiny on the Bounty yet, but I m gonna. Sunset Boulevard is AWESOME. I just saw it for the first time last year and was blown away. I have Casablanca on DVD but haven't watched it yet-- but I will this week. Ive been watching a whole load of old Hollywood films in the past month. I love Katharine Hepburn, I wish I knew her in real life.

    thanks for answering my question!

  8. DIMA, I love when I get on genre kicks. I haven't been on one in a while, I should do that.

    Sally, I did an article on getting representation here: http://thestorydepartment.com/the-road-to-representation/ and sad to say, there's not much more to the story. I do have a few things to add, though. It seems like this is a popular topic so I'll do a post on it later this week.

    Matt, cliffhangers are great for television more than film unless your film stars Sylvester Stallone (badump-ching!). They're main purpose, I think, is to make me come back after the commercial or the week. I think in film you're going to have suspense more than cliffhangers.

    Leif, no, I have not seen Sparticus, probably because I kind of already know who Spartacus is, partly because it hasn't come on TCM yet.

    Karel, favorite directors: Danny Boyle, Zhang Yimou.

    Favorite writers: As much as I hate cliche answers, I'm going to have to go with Shane Black. I don't feel like anyone else is consistent enough for me to love everything they've done.

    As for your other question, that sounds like a post to me. I'll write a longer entry on that later.


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