Friday, May 28, 2010


I've been super busy this week as you may have guessed. It's a big week for seniors and I was on two field trips, plus I gave out yearbooks yesterday. Today there's a whole house cleaning thing going on and tomorrow there's an all-day gathering of people I can't miss. Somehow I have to grade Hamlet essays and finish my coursework for the stupid class I'm taking.

Unfortunately, that means writing gets put on hold. My favorite thing to do must be my last priority on weeks like this. I feel guilty when I don't write, but I'd feel guiltier if I didn't get those essays graded or this house cleaned, because with those things someone else is counting on me. At the moment I have no deadline on my producer's project so it just has to wait.

On the upside I have Monday off so I may be able to get caught up. And we only have three weeks left in the school year and then I have two priorities - cleaning up my office and working on screenplays.

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