Monday, May 17, 2010

What I'm up to

After REP insinuated that Burnside may be impossible to take out and I got some helpful notes from a helpful reader who pinpointed something I didn't realize was not quite right with the script, I've decided to put it on a constant backburner. I've never had one of those before but I've always wanted one. I always thought that's what cool writers do - have a script just sitting around for them to work on between other projects. I've always only been interested I'm currently working on or just finished.

So I'm leaving Burnside as a project to work on between projects as I begin working on my next project which I'm super excited about. If I can keep the budget relatively low and do an awesome job writing it, this chase movie could go all the way. I began putting the first sequence together and it's been super easy. I love when it's easy. It won't be easy for long because I'm kind of fuzzy on Act 2, but so far, super easy. And super easy to sell.

I just wish I could think of a title.

Each day when I come home from work I spend 30 minutes working on SOMETHING. Lately it's been one of two projects - the producer's treatment or the treatment for this new chase movie. I try to get one full single-spaced page a day. I'm almost done with the producer's treatment, so then I'll be able to submit it and go to work completely on the chase movie.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to get my friends to agree to interviews. Tomorrow we'll talk comics.


  1. "a helpful reader who pinpointed something I didn't realize was not quite right with the script"

    Great when that happens!

    Not so great if you've been dragging that 'something' along for three years before you realize it...

    A few years ago and after a dozen 'experts' had given me advice without noticing the issue (on a project I had labored on for a looong time), this one guy just nailed the problem.

    Enjoy it while it's going easy...

  2. "Kill of the Chase" (you can totally use that!) Good luck is write(right)! Now to get back to my writing and creating of 'good luck'.


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