Thursday, May 06, 2010

Chronological thoughts I had while watching this week's episode of Lost on Hulu

Why didn't my DVR record the number two show on my list of shows? (Doctor Who, in case you were wondering) Fuck if I know. It ain't talking because I beat it with a stick for its insolence.

Spoiler Warnings for "The Candidate," obviously.

A plane? Oh for a plane you totally need a pilot. But a submarine, fuck it. My twelve year old nice could pilot that thing blindfolded. It's practically a goddamn Tonka truck.

Actually it would have been awesome if they got on the sub and instead of finding a captain inside they sat there and stared at the controls and Sawyer was all "Does anybody know how to operate this?" and the Hurley piloted them straight to the bottom of the sea and the show ended with everybody drowning. And then Charlie was down there playing "You All Everybody" on an endless loop.

I am proud to confess to two things. I have ALWAYS been with Jack. Even when he made huge ridiculous mistakes I was all about the Jackster. And ever since he smiled that creepy tangerine smile in the pilot episode, I have not trusted John Lock for one fucking second. Granted, this is a fake John Locke, but still. Jack rules. John is a smokemonster.

Hey way to go Sayid, not completely farbotz after all.

I was really rooting for Frank. Poor Frank.

So I guess Jinn doesn't give a shit that he has a daughter who would like a parent, huh? I'd be pissed if the Beefcake died on principal. Really super pissed. And if I was Jinn's kid I'd be like, Thanks Dad, I maybe could have known you but you decided to die because it sounded heroic and shit even though Mom would probably have preferred you live and tell me about her instead of both dying so I don't really have any idea who you are. Why did you guys even have a baby in the first place? I've clearly never been a priority in your lives. And while we're at it, if Mom had stayed here in the states you might both be alive. But cool, now you're at the bottom of the ocean and here I am, another Asian orphan in the foster care system. Way to go. Excellent parenting.

I see no sign of Charlie at the bottom of the ocean. I think that was a lost opportunity.

Terry O'Quinn is proof that sometimes you have to wait a while before you land the job of a lifetime.

I'm not sure the sideways flashes aren't kind of a waste of precious Lost time, but the parts on the island are still awesome. I'm excited for the final showdown.


  1. I think the finale is just going to be a 2.5 hour rickroll.

  2. I read that the writers have implied that they may have and open ending.

    I gave up on Lost about midway through season 2 when it started to seem as though even the writers didn't know anything about the damn island, and everything they implied turned out not to be true.

    I don't mind hard to figure out. Impossible, I mind. Fucking with me is OK, if ultimately I get the info I need to understand. Even if I get to the end and go, aaaahhh so that's what that was about.

    Lost, however, just fucks with me.

    I have watched most of this season, and it's betterish, but still too frustrating.

    I guess I like my procedurals. Puzzles with actual answers. (CSI, House, NCIS, Law & Order: CI, Bones, and the Closer)

    Lost makes me want to pull my hair out.

  3. Oh man I love that about Lost. They answer one question just in time to give you a new one. It drives me crazy in a good way, but I can definitely see it driving someone crazy in a bad way.

    Lol about the rickroll.

  4. Yeah Frank Lapidus got the raw end of the deal. He was my favorite current character even though supporting. I mean that's the lawnmower man!!! I was hoping he'd stick around till the end. But he has joined Eckos (my other favorite), and now only desmond remains.

  5. Holy crap he WAS the Lawnmower Man!

    Dude. That is so unjust.


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