Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bye, Mystery Man

People on the Internet don't die. WTF?

Mystery Man, you can't not be here. I mean, you had such a young energy. Always giggling. Wearing those shiny shoes. I really liked your shoes.

We're mourning a man we don't really know, but we know him. He was the first high profile blogger to say, no, I did not enjoy BALLS OUT and I do not think it's clever. He was the first to bring us a play-by-play of the difference between Indiana Jones drafts and what could have been with The Crystal Skull. He knew how to start a great discussion. And how many pro writers give notes on Triggerstreet? He's been working on a free screenwriting book so we can all have his advice out there where anyone can get it. He didn't need to do any of this - he did it because he likes to help. What more do you need to know about somebody?

It would be nice to think this is a hoax and whoever Mystery Man really was has just decided he's tired of his Internet persona, but the truth is that we all know he's not that kind of guy. He left emails unanswered and his book unpublished. He didn't say anything like a goodbye. This is the kind of guy who would have said goodbye if he could have.

I hope that when I'm a pro screenwriter I have the energy to give back the way he did. He was a cool dude with cool shoes, something we should all aspire to be.


  1. WTF how did u hear that he die? I didnt hear anything



  3. oh my god, that's horrible. I didnt know MM personally or knew his real identity, but he read my works and have watched my videos and always gave me encouragement. this is so sad. RIP

  4. It's sad when anybody in the trade dies, but this guy was generous to the folks who really needed help, the new kids. I was sad to find out about this; I wonder if we'll find out his real name.

  5. Sally creeping down the alley9:48 AM

    I wonder if this is the Mystery-Man:

  6. I don't think so. Last known sighting was March 16. I've been searching and cannot figure it out. Then again, he didn't want us to know, so maybe it doesn't matter. But I'd still like to know.

  7. Did he REALLY hate BALLS OUT? The one "review" I saw he posted of it seemed like it could have been taken as a tongue-in-cheek response taking the screenplay at face value. I seem to remember that when the BALLS OUT fans tore him apart for not "getting the joke" he replied that in a manner that suggested they were equally ignorant of his own efforts at humor.

    I'd like to think he really hated it though, because... it's BALLS OUT.

  8. I just reread his review and all the comments, and I'm not 100% sure, but I still don't think he was joking. I think he was making a point. Hell, Balls Out was on the Blacklist. I think that takes the idea that it was just a joke off the table.

    MM's review:

  9. This is such sad news - he has such a great blog. At least his articles will live on. Emily: I'd still like to know, too.


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