Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Red Tape

So I've spent the last two days mired in red tape. It was like a scene from The Hitchiker's Guide.

Ever stand in line for an hour and then finally get called to find out that you don't have the right form in triplicate so you'll have to come back tomorrow and wait in line again? Oh and while we're at it, even though we're your employer and are in complete control of how you get your money, we can't take a check from you for that fee we've imposed for that thing we required you to have so you can keep your job. We'll pay you, but only if you give us money first. But not in check form. And then you'll need these other three forms too. And then you'll also need to come back in two weeks with the original copy because we can't keep this fax on file on account of regulations. Oh and the guy you're supposed to be meeting with is on vacation so you'll probably have to come back and talk to him because there is no way in hell I'm going to remember having this conversation, which is why there's a decent chance that despite your money order and all these appropriate forms and your waiting in line and your parking validation that you might still be fired. Have fun sitting in traffic!

Tomorrow I want to talk about Thunder Soul, a terrific documentary I saw Saturday night. Then I've got lots of other cool plans for the week because I am now officially on vacation. But first I have to wash off all this tape.

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  1. Registering for classes at USC was a lot like that.

    One line led to another line, to find that I needed something else from the first line, but before they could give me that I needed to talk to the department head and he wasn't in, but you had to register that day...yeah, it was screwy.

    Hopefully you'll keep your job - or something better will come your way.


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