Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer vacation

My school has been year-round for the past five years and I have been B track, which is the track that spans the end and beginning of the year. In other words, school ends on a Friday and the next year starts the following Monday. I get a two-month break twice a year, but that's always in the middle of a semester, so I always have papers to grade while I'm home.

That ends today. We're moving to a traditional schedule, which means I get the normal summer vacation and I will not have any papers to grade. I just input my last set of grades on time and with two days to spare, and now for the first time in five years, I don't have any work to do.

I still have to take a stupid class and I have to do all this stuff for my wrist - apparently there will be specialists involved - but I have no papers. No essays. No quizzes. No projects. Nothing to grade. I don't even remember what that's like.

So for the next two months my primary goals are to put together my office so I have a real writing space and not a couch in front of the TV, to finish this stupid class, and to write one whole screenplay. I will finish a complete draft by the end of August or bust.

But first I have to go to graduation and read out names, which is the single best part of my job.


  1. do eeet!! Summers are great. I have work, but at least it's much lighter, so more writing can be done! Best of luck on your time management, hehe.

  2. Anonymous3:50 PM

    what office space?, its more fun not to have office space, I spend tons of money renovating an office one summer, in my house and so boring it turned out, i dread going in there, so damn boring

    in my opinion, some of the best screenwriter are so busy with getting groceries, meeting the babysitter on time for pick up, fixing the house, running around with errands for the wife and cleaning the front yard, walking the dog, working two shifts to pay the damn mortgage,

    in fact one screenwriter, wrote his optioned script in his car waiting to pick up his three teenage sons and then dropping them off to their sport fitness program and then while visiting his sick wife/mother at the hospital and picking of his three teenage sons again late at night
    all the writing was done in the car and waiting in corridors and hallways

    so i would say this summer go for chaos, write where there is chaos and your writing will drive into a new path, never realized

    chaos and messiness is good for you

    forgot the office desk or the home office desk or that cute love painted den, go nuts and write wherever their is frustrations and unhappiness and pain

    if i recall an award winner from script pimp, who wrote his whole script on his messy couch and in the kitchen while cooking and not doing the dishes for one months, yes the place was smelly but who cares, it lead to a great powerful script

    as the sceintists said , we come from chaos and we go back to chaos

    a screenwriter who loves stressful chaoes writes spicy and volatile scripts

  3. I'm glad that works for you, but I hate writing on my couch. I want my dedicated office.


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