Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thoughts on the show: The Good Guys

It's funny.

To me, there is no kind of humor better than absurdity encountering reason. Basically, if one character needs to ask another character "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I laugh.

I missed the pilot, but I remembered to watch episode 2. Bradley Whitford plays a ridiculously dedicated cop who takes every single petty crime seriously and only takes days off "when the bad guys do." He is awesome.

Okay back up. He was very serious on The West Wing. This guy is new.

Side note: The West Wing's Richard Schiff was the first famous person I ever saw. I was covering a golf tournament for a local newspaper in North Carolina and he was signing autographs. I stared at him and said nothing. He stared at me, wondering why I was staring at him. I ran away. This and my fear of phone calls is why I am no longer a reporter.

Okay but anyway, Bradley Whitford was super serious on that show, to the point where I was convinced he had a permanent ulcer. He would make jokes, but they were always from the perspective of a guy who seemed desperate to find humor in situations or he would cry. So it's pretty cool to see his comedic chops on this show.

Colin Hanks does his job as the straight man, and you know what? The straight man has a difficult job. He doesn't get to have all the fun. Without Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin is kind of boring unless he's singing. Or drinking. I don't think Colin Hanks drinks or sings.

As soon as I saw the previews I thought, oh great. Another fucking cop show. And as soon as I saw that "Minutes earlier" thing I thought oh great. Another show copying Alias. But they kept it up throughout the show, which is new. I'm glad I checked it out anyway. It's got a few inconsistencies the staff needs to work out, but the potential is there as long as they let Bradley Whitford run loose. It's funny.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    It's a great show. How can you not love a cop with a rocking 'stache and a love for his trans-am? Got a nice light tone and I have to say I prefer it over the creator's other show: Burn Notice. Unfortunately, I've heard the numbers are not looking too good but there's always the USA Network line-up.

  2. I haven't seen episode 3, but I thought #2 was much funnier than the pilot. And Bradley Whitford is hilarious. I'll keep plugging this show, since it has wit and humor more to my liking (booze, dick jokes, strippers, etc.). And with lines like "wanna go jam a burrito?" haha.

    Happy to watch this during the summer's weak Wipeout and America's Got Nothing (Talent) lineups.


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