Thursday, March 08, 2007

Free labor is the best

Now that the script has elevated to a better place, things are getting damn exciting. I feel like such a producer, which I guess I am. I spent a good portion of my morning with me feet propped up on a desk, leaning back in a computer chair networking on the old cell phone.

It's all about wheeling and dealing.

Partner said I need a still photographer for the distribution packaging. Just so happens, I'm friends with a professional photographer. Partner said I need hair and makeup. Just so happens, one of my friends considers it her mission in life to mold the eyebrows of every man on the planet. I think I may know someone who can help me with the marketing.

Music and sound mixing? Partner knows a guy. Main titles? There's a film class just starting at my school; this is a perfect assignment for them. Poster? Our art teachers are always looking for projects to assign their kids. I'll get our film teacher to nominate his most reliable student to work as a PA and order them to man the craft services table and turn my fridge on and off during the shoot in the interests of even sound mixing. It's a win-win situation for everybody.

Funny. I usually HATE calling people on the phone, particularly to ask them for favors. But this is a mission. I know my goal. I feel strongly enough about this script that I feel like everyone should want to be part of this even if they don't get paid because this sucker is going to be done right. Everybody's resume, every actor's reel, will benefit from this.

I'm going to go see Spamalot now with my friend. Maybe I'll meet some people there I can wheel and deal with. I have a feeling I'll be on my game this Sunday at Battlestar screening. Watch out, people.


  1. Haven't heard yet about Sunday--here's hoping it all comes together! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. See, that is exactly why I stopped making short films. I hated calling people to ask them for favors so much that I just never did it.

    Of course, I didn't have that strong, passionate belief in the project that you seem to have, probably because the scripts I was trying to produce were awful.

    Anyway ... way to be!


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