Monday, March 26, 2007

She eats the lens

Opportunity lightly tapped on my door last night and then ran down the hall and hid around the corner throwing toilet paper rolls at my face.

I wasn't sure I wanted Opportunity. The pay is considerably less, the hours are longer, and it's not exactly the job I always dreamed of, but it's very near the job I always dreamed of and it would shoot me down a very different path from the one I am currently on.

But I don't hate teaching. My boss is amazing, I make good enough money and have decent benefits, I love the kids and I usually get the classes I want. I just signed a lease on a new apartment, so taking a paycut would mean no TV, no kickboxing, and never being able to buy new jeans. And the debt would just keep on growing.

But Opportunity. How can you turn down Opportunity?

Alas, Opportunity is not a sure thing. She could be teasing. Or throwing toilet paper at my face.

And this all could be irrelevant because I'm not even that qualified for Opportunity.

After a day of agonizing and calling friends and getting advice from almost every person I know in LA who's even remotely connected to the industry, I decided I would take door number three.

Your cover letter is like a headshot. A headshot gets an actor in the door. If he doesn't look the part he can't even get into the audition - a topic of much chagrin to Lead Actor who frequently discusses his frustration with being judged on his appearance alone. But if that picture gets him in the room he still has to prove he has the chops to handle the part.

For us we have cover letters. My resume is unimpressive to an industry professional but I got spunk. I'm "feisty" according to delightful people I know. So I made my cover letter my writing sample. And if Opportunity goes to someone else, which it probably will, at the very least I have entertained someone I admire. Maybe he'll remember me down the road and call me in for an even better Opportunity. And if he's appalled at my audacity then he's not as cool as I thought.

As for the line in my title - that's from Up Close and Personal when Robert Redford's character realizes that Michelle Pfeifer's character makes a horrible weather forecaster but looks amazing on camera as something else. I thought it was apropos.


  1. I'm not sure I really understand what you're talking about, but from where I'm standing, eat whatever lens comes your way. It might lead to wider lenses.

    And yes, I realize that metaphor makes absolutely no sense.

  2. Yes, you're not allowed to know what I'm talking about, sadly. It's too perilous.

    Let's just say I had to choose between two doors I was unsure about and I found a window.

  3. Em, whatever it might be (and it sounds like it’s pretty monumental, as it’s got you so rattled), I’ve got all my fingers crossed for you. I hope it works out in the best possible way for you.

  4. Yes, fingers crossed!

  5. Let me know if I can be of any assistance, in any way. :-)


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