Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My script has transcended


There's good scripts. There's scripts where you can feel confident that you've created interesting characters and entertained small masses of people.

Then there's scripts that rock the freaking casbah.

I'm visiting a friend in Vegas for the next couple of days so I took the bus. I figured I'd rather pay the same as I would for gas to spend six hours reading and working than staring at the boring desert landscape. I spent the entire ride calling Writing Partner and discussing our latest set of changes and running my fingers over the keyboard to make said changes.

Said changes are brilliant. We needed to raise the stakes. So last night Partner and I discussed possible solutions and at the time I was blank, although he had a good idea about moving an argument and making it more intense. So I wrote down all our themes. We're discussing lack of communication between lovers, competition, games, boredom, fear. I stared at that list and went to sleep.

Then I woke up and had it. Partner's idea and my idea meshed. And it was a tiny detail that gave our script the boost it needed. And now it's not just a character sketch; it's some funny shit. The funny thing is, the impetus for the script, the moment that encouraged us to write it in the first place, is gone. Lines we debated over numerous phone calls over weeks, gone. The second location, gone. Instead we tightened everything.

Today on the bus on the way to Vegas I wrote the best line of dialogue I've ever put to keyboard:

"Take off your fucking clothes and fuck your girlfriend. Fuck my girlfriend. Either way, somebody's getting fucked and you're gonna fuck 'em."

Even though I spent six hours on a bus, today has been an excellent day.

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  1. That is a great line ... I don't think I know what my best line ever is. Probably means I haven't written it yet.


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