Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Will Smith says I shouldn't worry

Other people don't usually bother me. Maybe it's that teacher thing; you kind of have to let a lot of stuff go when you spend all day around hormonal teenagers. So most things people do just sort of slide right off. And everybody thinks I'm so incredibly laid back.

But even some of my closest friends don't always realize what a worrier I am. I worry obsessively sometimes, in the dark listening to Snow Patrol and Imogen Heap, convinced that I have screwed everything up. Because although other people's actions don't bother me, my own frequently do.

I've been feeling it a lot over the past couple of days. I'm worried about the script and trying to direct and produce and get my next script done in time for the Nicholl. Fortunately I no longer worry about my writing talent. Now I have a whole new skill to stress over: directing. And sometimes I'm paranoid that I pissed off every friend I have by opening my big honest mouth and speaking before I think. But then I remember that these people have been my friends for some time and by now they've figured out that I have a fat mouth and they're completely okay with it.

Today I tried to write out my index cards for the new action feature I'm trying to put together but I couldn't focus because my worry quotient tumbled into overload. And when that happens, there's only one thing to do: watch The Legend of Bagger Vance.

So it's a bit heavy handed and Will Smith is the stereotypical magic black man and I kind of hate the sport of golf. I don't care. I love that movie. I watch it and I go, yeah, I do need to find my perfect swing. And then I feel really good about stuff and I can go back to mining my creativity. But only after I watch The Emperor's New Groove, which is Bagger Vance's chaser.

Yay for the movies.

What film do you watch to make you feel good?


  1. It's all about Meet Joe Black for life inspiration. And for good cheerful redemption (I need lots of redemption), In Her Shoes.

    Off-topic: How much of a geek am I, with my two consecutive first comments on your blog in a single night? Me and my procrastination ...

  2. Amelie! It's all about doing what you want despite fear. No fear!

    Or any Farscape episode--pick one at random and you are filled with the gorgeous Ben Browder Crichton love and suddenly life is good and whatever crappy plan you have will work out somehow.

    Or The Fifth Element, because it's so rich and vivid and crazy and nonsensical and wonderful and by the end you're all, It's about what I love! You're right! And you don't even worry about its wacky nonsense and go off and achieve greatness.

  3. "...stereotypical magic black man." It's a little known fact that black people are as magical as leprechauns, just not as lucky.

    I don't usually turn to movies to feel good. My crutch for that is music.

    But when I'm depressed and want to wallow in it (I'm a cancer) I turn to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Newman/Taylor version i.e. the only one that counts) or Gods and Monsters.

    I saw Meet Joe Black when it first came out and I hated it. But I was like 17 and stupid. I think I'd like it these days. I gotta check it out again.

  4. Amelie is a given! Though you'd be surprised what "Under the Tuscan Sun" can do. No seriously.

  5. Trust yourself Emily. You'll make it.

    As for me, for a guaranteed laugh, it's Fletch.

    I'm a sap enough to be inspired every time I watch It's A Wonderful Life.

    But House of Flying Daggers does it for me, too, somehow.

  6. i LOVE the Emperor's New Groove.

    I also just watched Disney's version of the Huntchback of Notre Dame. Besides the fact that everyone lives in their version, I like it a lot. It's pretty arty. Plus, there's a priest who sings about wanting to sex up a gypsy. I'm not sure it gets better than that.

  7. Those are some good movies. I forgot about Amelie. Could anyone be more adorable than Audrey Tautou?

    She was excellent in Dirty PRetty Things too.

  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    "Get busy living or get busy dying."

    -- Shawshank Redemption

  9. Maybe not a HAPPY movie, but I used to watch 'Collateral' to lift myself..
    the dreamy music with the perfect nightshots of LA, with as magical highlight that they have to stop the car because a wolf or coyote is crossing the streat.
    Love that movie.
    It tells me that someone who hasn't fulfilled their dream can still stand up when pressed to achieve something.

    Or, for a long time I just watched Firefly!

    Ans I have to tell you, darling, if people don't notice that you worry, even when you do, your half a director allready!

  10. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Leaving Las Vegas

    I feel that no matter how down I get, I won't get THAT down


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