Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I love this poster

Look at that poster. Look at it. Just take a second and bask in its glory.

It looks better in billboard form hanging over the road, but still. Look. This poster tells you everything you need to know and looks fantastic doing it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the clear focal point, followed shortly by Zoe Saldana who simply could not look any cooler. A good design tells you where to look when, and this image clearly does that. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is looking at me all sexy while he blows away a bad guy, and look at that expression on his face. BAM! In your face all like "Heeey girl. Look at my gun. Look at me killing that dude behind you. Don't worry, I got it." Plus there's a big black dude with a knife.

Look at the colors. Bright, bold, just like a comic book. And the squares resemble comic book panels, so you know right off this is a comic book movie. That means fun. The whole damn poster looks like fun. Absurd, sexy fun. Plus there's a big black dude with a knife.

Read that tagline. "Anyone else would be dead by now." Oh hell yes. These people are badass. And fun. Especially that big black dude with the knife.


  1. Clearly I was way off and rude by insinuating you preferred action films over more "talky" films.

    By the way, I think this movie looks like a shitload of fun.

  2. haha. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.

    speaking of posters, did u know they banned the posters for WANTED in the UK? Becuase they said Angelina Jolie was making guns look glamorous (see the WANTED poster here

    thats one of my fave posters in fact.

  3. I'm not being sarcastic at all. As a yearbook adviser I love seeing a beautifully put together ad. I did not know that about the Wanted poster. That's funny.

  4. I love a well-designed movie poster. So many of them really miss the point, and end up busy or confusing. One of my favorite common "errors" is when the actors are pictured, with the names above or below them - but not in the same order.

    This is definitely a great poster. Serenity had a couple of great ones, too. But my all time fave was Black Snake Moan. The poster is a story in itself!

    And Jack - you reeeealy don't get it.

  5. That is a beautiful poster. My only concern when I saw it was that it looks a bit like a sexist bondage film.

  6. Merriweather8:33 PM

    The poster is very 70s...kinda reminds me of Three the Hard Way.

    Re: Wanted poster...They can't allow people to like guns in the UK because only the criminals and the cops are allowed to own them. Defending yourself from violent attack is against the law there. I wonder if there is a functioning pair of testicles in the entire country.

  7. Laura,

    I don't respect anybody that makes a bland, generic statement like yours and doesn't back it up.

    I'll wait for that. Until then, I'll think of you as an uninformed coward.

    For the record, my comment was that Emily prefers action movies over "talky" movies, so it's no surprise she didn't like Basterds.

    Basterds was marketed as an action film. These basterds taking out Hitler and the Nazis. Instead, it was about three different stories and there was more dialogue than action.

    I know a lot of people that were disappointed at the amount of action versus the amount of dialogue heavy scenes. Some of them mentioned that had they expected a talk-fest, they wouldn't have been bugged by what the movie actually was.

    I look forward to you taking apart the thought process that went into my statement.

  8. Jack, what bothers me is how condescending you come across all the time. It would be one thing if it were one or two comments, but it's all the time. That may not be your intention, but that's how it comes across to me at least.

    The fact that the film was talky was actually not even the biggest of my concerns, but that's what you fixated on in your response, and the reason you dismissed my opinion as someone who "just doesn't get Tarantino."

    My issue with that particular statement was how you implied anyone who likes action films simply can't understand the subtle genius of Tarantino.

    Because as usual, you know a little and assume a lot.

    You forget I am also a high school English teacher. I teach Shakespeare and Dickens and Remarque and Weisel and Angelou and Shelly and whatever else I feel like discussing that semester with my class. I named my cat Cyrano from the French play and my dog Lilly after the protagonist of A House of Mirth.

    But somehow despite that, the fact that I like action movies means I can't possibly understand Tarantino's genius. I get Shakespeare, but Tarantino, well, only the truly visionary people could appreciate his level of nuance. I like explosions, so what do I know about good dialogue?

    It was a deflection on your part. It was easier for you to say that it was too difficult for someone like me to understand than for you to actually explain what's so brilliant about it.

  9. Okay I don't want this turning into an argument about semantics so I'm just deleting all comments about the whole Jack thing. Obviously we misunderstand each other. I think Jack is condescending, he thinks he's just speaking the truth. So in a perfect world, I should expect Jack to sound condescending and realize he doesn't mean it that way, and he should maybe try not to sound so condescending.

    That's really all there is to it.


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