Thursday, April 01, 2010

Movies I'm excited about

No treatment today because I deemed it more important to take the dog on a long walk with my neighbor and her dog and then order pizza. I'm thinking about my story, though. I'm really thinking. I've got some awesome images in my head and I got this super idea the other day that will really set this story apart from similar films in the genre. I'm gonna knock this shit out of the park.

In the meantime, I'm getting kind of excited about this summer's movie release schedule. Have you seen the new trailer for The Expendables? It's nuts. I have never wanted anything to suck as much as I want this to not suck. And I want a sandwich with Jet Li and Jason Statham.

But also, omg. People are saying this looks like it will suck, and that's a real testament to how disappointed we have become by blockbuster films with huge casts - we just expect them to be garbage right out of the gate. But don't you dare forget that Sylvester Stallone is also responsible for Rocky. I'm going in that theater with eyes shut and hopes high and I'm just going to sit and let the wave of awesome wash over me. And if it sucks, I may go on a violent rampage. I will also probably be the only girl in the theater who was not here as a favor to her boyfriend.

Then there's The Losers. Who does not love Jeffrey Dean Morgan? I see they have the token badass female who's really hot and ethnic, but they also have a badass looking nerdy dude, so that's creative. This looks like fun.

And Knight and Day. The Beefcake and I were trying to figure out if we've ever seen Tom Cruise do comedy before. I suppose you can call his character from Magnolia comedic, but really he doesn't ever seem to have done anything as fun as this film looks to be for him. Finally that nutcase on Oprah's couch is let loose in a movie. I may even invest in popcorn.

Finally, I'm stoked about Kick Ass. I loved the script - best one I've read in months. And the introduction of Hit Girl and Big Daddy is almost as clever as Jack Sparrow's. You just get it. Two minutes with these two and you understand exactly what they're about. I can't wait to see that on screen.

I'm sure there are other movies coming out but these just look like the most fun a girl could have on a summer afternoon in the theater. I can't wait.


  1. would tropic thunder count as Tom Cruise doing comedy?

  2. Oh yeah. I forgot about that because he's not the lead. That shit was brilliant.

  3. The Expendables can't suck. Even if it does.

    My money will be well spent to see all those action stars in a single movie.

    While watching the trailed I got about 30 secs in and was like "Do they have every action star EVAR in this movie?"

    And it hadn't even shown half of them, yet.

    By the end of it, I think the only action star missing is JCVD. Gotta save something for the sequel, am I right?

  4. Personally, the big one on my radar for this summer is Inception.


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