Monday, April 12, 2010

Two shows I like

I'm really starting to enjoy Stargate Universe. It's a whole lot darker than its predecessors, almost a reflection of the times. Notice how everything is getting darker? That suits me fine, but it's interesting to mark the trend. I think it was pretty smart of Syfy to follow the direction set by Battlestar Galactica. It's got some similarities with that show - military vs civilian leadership, chased by aliens across space, dealing with lack of water/air/whatever supply they need this time - but it's on a smaller budget and with fewer characters. It's very different in tone from the original series, which was more of a comedy much of the time. Then there was Stargate Atlantis, which I feel failed because it could never figure out what it wanted to be. There were some terrific ideas for episodes that never really lived up to their expectations. This show so far is pushing the envelope a bit more.

Then there's Justified. Every episode I like better than the last. I'm not gonna lie - it may have something to do with how much I want to rub my hands all over Timothy Olyphant, but I just love the vibe of the show. It almost feels like this casual, smirky production with a poignant lesson at the end about human nature. I'm not sure how he's going to get away with shooting someone every single episode and still keep his job, but I look forward to seeing the problem solved. For me, this show has just the right balance of serious drama with playful fun.

And those are the two shows I have found myself excited to watch over the past few weeks.


  1. You're missing out on the best show on TV: Spartacus!

    Don't think I've seen a show improve so much from a fairly average pilot to where it is now, approaching HBO's Rome level of awesomeness.

  2. I've never even heard of that show. What channel is it on?

  3. its on Starz.
    Full name is Spartacus : Blood and Sand.

    think its also available via netflix on demand, or some online way.

  4. Ah. I'm not fancy enough to get Starz. I'll check it out in some form. I did love Rome so very much.

  5. Only seen the pilot of Justified so far, but really liking SGU as well... after not really liking the other Stargates.

    If Spartacus has really gotten as good as Leif says, I'll check it out again. We watched the pilot and thought it was hilariously bad -- like an ultra-violent, ultra-sexed version of 300... which is really saying something.


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