Saturday, September 25, 2010

House of Secrets

As part of a project at work I needed to get comic books for the kids to look at in class. It's a whole artistic thing I'm doing.

I don't know that much about comic books, but last time I went to House of Secrets in Burbank they were super nice so I went back there, and I just want to give those guys another shout-out. I'm not the first: Bitter Script Reader gave them love once, too.

When I walked in they were busy and there was a small crew doing an interview, but both employees stopped to help me find what I was looking for. In fact, the girl - I wish I got her name - spent 20 minutes combing through boxes or a stack of cheap comics that fit my criteria. She was downright ecstatic at the challenge. After I chose my stack of titles, the boss gave me a discount on them since, as he put it, I'm "doing the Lord's work" in my ghetto school.

I've been there twice now, and they never minded that I don't know much about comics. They relished it. In fact, they thought it was terrific since maybe this project might get kids interested in reading comics.

I felt it appropriate to show them a little love here today.


  1. Anonymous1:15 AM

    I remember TBSR dishing the nod to them. Good to know there's two people with plugs. I'll have to check them out when I make my return to the area.


  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Hi Emily,
    Firstly, this is a wonderful blog you have here. Very refreshing and so positive and respectful. With all these other blogs out there with their coo-koo and self-absorbed attitude - yours is real and strong and long-lasting.

    Just wondering, is there a comic book or graphic novel out there - that is on the level of THE BIG BANG THEORY?
    Are you a fan of this cult sit-com hit TV show? Why are comic book characters like those found in THE BIG BANG THEORY so popular? Are you a fan of guys who are smart but nerdy but cute and make over $80,000.00 dollars a year and got TWO MASTERS AND TWO PHDs?


  3. Well, Todd, first of all, thanks. I try to stay honest around here so I don't get a big head.

    Secondly, I don't know much of anything about comics, which is why I needed the help of the experts. And I don't really watch The Big Bang Theory, but I've heard it's good.

    And finally, I prefer big muscley men who carry guns and are willing to kill. Mine is called The Beefcake.

  4. The girl's name is Amy. Well, it COULD have been Andrea, who I haven't seen in there in nearly a year, so I'm assuming she's moved on. Amy seems to almost always be there when I'm in, though I admit I'm usually in there on Wednesdays, so there could be another girl who only works sporatically.

    The boss's name is Paul, and he's great too. Nice to see he hit you with the extra discount. They're great about that. And I hope he slipped you a couple copies of "Tiny Titans."

  5. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Hi Emily and Michele Phifer meow to you..

    Which is the easiest, coverting a comic book into a screenplay or converting a screenplay into a comic book/graphic novel?

    Did you know that when the script SIN CITY came out, lots of Readers said it was awful. But its a classic. I don't know what readers got against Frank Miller. Actually most Readers are making fun of this trend. But who cares, Frank Miller is a great artist and wrote one of the best graphic novel ever. So what! he flopped with his last movie. Even Clint Eastwood and Spike Lee had flops.

    I gets me upset with all these Readers who have zero talent to write or draw and they made fun of SIN CITY. Some Readers never wrote a script or drew a comic book. What do they know? Just keep you mouth shut, this is our world. The comic book industry is our world. We don't need guys who think they are talente to make wise-ass comments. Come on post. Post your script. Post your porfolio. Post you graphic novel that cost 60000 dollars to make. Post. Stop yapping around like a loser.

    Good Day,

  6. Anonymous7:11 PM

    To add to this discussion.
    A director (the next Nolan or better) is ZACK SNYDER. In fact he is adapting 3 graphic novels and one comic book. Read them.

    And just found out that SUCKER PUNCH is being converted from his screenplay into a graphic novel. This is what I call a real Hollywood star. He is the real enchilada, the real cheese.

    And did you read the graphic comic version of his latest movie ( I saw it twice), wonderful cinematic experience, Zack Synder is actually prime for directing these adaptations right now). I love LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS: THE OWLS OF GA'HOOLE 2D + 3D


  7. Go comic books! And be careful, else the lure of Wednesdays (which Bitter Script Reader mentions) will draw you in. Blair Butler's always entertaining Fresh Ink is a great weekly overview of publications of note.

    In case you're looking for a series your kids might enjoy, some possibilities below.

    Girl Genius, my first series, inhaled it quickly and wanted more, so much fun, and it's available free online every M/W/F (a page from the upcoming comic book, written and published by the wonderful and so talented Phil and Kaja Foglio).

    Action Philosophers (writer Fred Van Lente), my next immersion, also a whole lot of fun, and entirely appropriate for school.

    Invincible, set in high school, and about family and kids growing up, written by the brilliant and lovely Robert Kirkman. (The third series I read was Walking Dead, and all I gotta say, every week there's not an issue published, "Damn you, Robert Kirkman!" ...But that series is probably a bit gooey for school, though the tie-in of the cable series might hold extra appeal to your kids.)

    And there are so many other wonderful series! From big and small publishers, of all form and manner, to suit every fancy. Let me know if you ever want more suggestions, and may the comic book endeavor with your class be entirely fruitful.

  8. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Forget what Readers AND Reviewers say, just read these comics and Graphic Novel: THE CROW, BLADE, LOCO, KILLER (from france) and more

    I wished there was a film director(not a nerdy Reader or comic collector) who would review Violent and Adverturous and Mature comic books and graphic novels.

    Or some visionary Reader or Reviewer that review comic and graphic novels being made into movies.

    Actually, there is a company and they have 5 guys WORKING THERE FULL TIME (writers, not Readers, LOL) who take concepts and make them into graphic novels and then sell them to producers as High Concept. Sp[eilberg is big fan of their company.

    Now that's what you call visionary./

    The Video game industry already got a head start, no its our turn.


    cheers dudette,

  9. I had a major breakthrough this weekend.

    My wife watched Kick-Ass and loved it. That alone put a smile on my face.

    I suggested she read the graphic novel because I thought the ending was better in the comic. And now she has started reading it.

    A few more years and I might have a wife who loves comics as much as I do!

    By the way. If you get a chance pick up the "Locke & Key" books. Awesome stuff.

    Thanks Emily.


  10. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Kick Ass Is a Kick-Ass Masterpiece. I love the script and the movie. The script jumps off the page. Superbly written.

    I'm noticing more and more ladies are loving these graphic novel adaptations. And they like it when it's violent and disturbing.

    Talking about violent/graphic movies and scripts. When I took my wife to see KILL BILL 1 AND KILL BILL 2, she asked me to get her the graphic novels. WOW. I love her. This new trend is so POWERFUL.

    Now my wife wants to see every movie I want to watch.

    Recently I gave her copy of HACK AND SLASH. She loves it.

    Ha, love her.


    You should see the new projects FRANK MILLER has in store for us. He has a lot cooking, ready to shake HOLLYWOOD and turn it upside and give it a kick.


  11. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Hi Emily,

    Fantastic forum you got here.
    Above the rest.

    Check out Stranger Comics and Radical Comics. Two companies making waves. Radical comics has a graphic novel: bought by Ron Howard's company.

    And Judge Dredd, the reboot has a graphic novel in the works, the preview is out of this world. Look out for it.

    And if you havn't read it, Twilight has been converted in a graphic novel.


  12. I love comics. *sigh* I miss disposable income - it funded my monthly habit nicely. Comics have had kick-ass chicks in lead roles for years! ;)

    If your interested, there's a zombie-related graphic novel that's soon to be made into a TV show: The Walking Dead. I haven't read it yet, but it's supposed to be really great.

  13. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Walking Dead is the best.
    It reads like a "lardy" and fast movie and juicy script. Love it. Some of the scenes are way over the top for this genre, but we must understand the new generation are looking "lardy" action zombie scenes and crazy over the top scenes. Who cares about old zombie classic movies. We want OVER THE TOP scenes and blood action.

    And I'm looking forward to reading the TV script. I bet the script will KICK SERIOUS ASS and be very descriptive, just like the Comic!


  14. This has officially become Comic Love Fest Thread.

  15. Just came across this at Pulp 2.0 re The Hero Initiative, applicable to folks living in California (and Nev, Ill, Ind), so well worth a shout out here. You all eat? Good! Now do some good with that super power via Ralphs, Food4Less, and Cala/Bell. Even a small bite will make a difference.

    To learn more about the wonderful Hero Initiative (one of my very favorite orgs, helps comic book writers and artists in dire situations), click here.

    @Jim Endecott, next up for your darling, Wanted, like Kick-Ass also by the blazingly brilliant Mark Millar, very diff from movie, and a whole lot of violence, and so good you can't put it down.

  16. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Mark Millar's team of creative geniuses are brilliant. Watch the documentary how his team write and prouduce comics like Kick Ass.

    No advice, teacher or Reader could teach that. The are in control of their destiny. Screen all these Readers.

    It's about not waiting for permission or some pig-headed Reader to give you advice or notes. Screw them.

    Just do it, write you comic book now. And some producer will make it into a movie...

    Listen to no one. NO ONE! Just your love for movies and comics.
    Your dream will come true.

    Frank Millar is a genius. "Wanted" and "Kick Ass" is the best screenplay adaptation in the world.

    Best quote from Wanted ::
    Sloan: Welcome... to the Fraternity. This gun you're holding belonged to your father; he could conduct a symphony orchestra with it.
    Wesley: Are we gonna "bond," now?
    Fox: Would you like to?
    [last lines]
    Wesley: [to audience] What the fuck have you done lately?


  17. @Atlanta

    She has seen Wanted, the movie and liked it. I am not so sure she would like the graphic novel. The two are so radically different I don't think she could get into the book.

    Personally I liked the movie better.

    Right now she is worker her way through the seventh season of Buffy in comic form. Baby steps!



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